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At Traverse Green, the community is one of the many great reasons why our tenants say they’re living in the best apartments in St Peter, MN. With all kinds of community amenities to encourage socializing, connecting, and even working with your friends and neighbors, it’s no wonder, too! Here are some great ways to take advantage of our amazing community amenities at Traverse Green apartments!

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Work Out With Roommates or Friends

One of the best ways to keep yourself fit and connected with people around you is to work out together! We have a fully-decked out fitness center that is a great place to bring your workout buddy, whether that’s your roommate, your partner, or a neighbor! If you don’t have a workout buddy yet, it’s also a great place to make one! Our community is full of welcoming, friendly tenants who love fitness and staying active together.

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Host Parties and Neighbor Events

Our community amenities also provide great places to get to know your neighbors, roommates, or friends and family! We have a beautiful outdoor dining space that’s perfect for brunch on a summer Sunday, or if you’d like to host a party or get together, we have many different rental spaces that are perfectly set up for memorable events! When you host get-togethers at Traverse Green, you’ll love how easy it is to rent out our spaces and create a beautiful, fun event for your friends and family.

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Stay Motivated and Productive Together

Do you live to work or work to live? Either way, work is easier and more fun when you’re feeling productive and connected, right? At Traverse Greens, our community also has a comfortable and easily accessible business center, complete with WiFi accessibility! Bring your roommate, set a ‘work date’ with coworkers, or connect with fellow professionals in our business center, too! Working with others around can help to increase productivity in addition to providing a fun and relaxing environment for working.

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Enjoy Doggy Play-Dates

One of the best ways to build your community in apartments at Traverse Green is with your four-legged friend by your side! Our community dog park is a great place to make dog friends and human friends alike, so bring your pup by for some fun, some exercise, and all the socialization you could hope for! If you already know some friends or even Traverse Green neighbors who also have dogs, try setting up a “play-date” for your pups to get them exercising together, to enjoy some quality time with your friends, and to enjoy the community amenities to their fullest!

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Building Community

At Traverse Green Apartments, we’re here to help you enjoy where you live and build a sense of community for our tenants. With our wide selection of community amenities to take advantage of, you and your roommates, family members, and friends can enjoy time together in beautiful spaces.

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