4 Things You Can’t Live Without in Your Apartment

Finding a new apartment can be a difficult task. You want to find a place in your price range, in the right location, and with the right amenities. Traverse Green Apartments are brand new luxury apartments in St. Peter, Minnesota, and we wanted to make sure that our property was a place where people would love to live. Here are a few things that you cannot live without in an apartment. To see all of the amenities on our property, visit our website!


In-House Washer And Dryer

Having a place to do laundry in your own apartment is one of the first things to consider when looking for a new apartment. Laundry is a weekly chore and having to drive or walk somewhere out of your apartment to do something as simple as laundry is a huge hassle. That’s why we include washers and dryers in all of our apartments. If you are in the market for renting a new apartment, make sure there is a place to do laundry.


Recreational Areas

No matter where you live, you want places to enjoy time with friends, walk your dog, or relax on your own. Apartments are no exception, which is why Traverse Green included several recreational amenities in our property. Look for fire pits, local parks, trails, a pool, or indoor places to cook and hang out with friends when searching for an apartment.


Specialized Parking

Sometimes parking can be a pain, whether it’s hard to find a spot or you have to park down the street and walk back to your apartment. When looking at apartments, make sure there is plenty of parking, assigned parking, or a garage available. This simple source of consistency will provide you with peace of mind each time you return to your apartment.



One of the great things about living in an apartment complex is the community. This is closely tied with the recreational areas section above, but you should look for apartments with community events, places to hang with friends, and opportunities to meet people who live in the apartments around you. This will greatly improve your apartment lifestyle.

Live in Our Apartments Today!

Your apartment lifestyle is often determined by the amenities provided by your complex and the surrounding resources. You want to make sure that those things match your lifestyle before you invest in a new place to live. Visit our website to see the amenities and community opportunities that Traverse Green has to offer!