Make the Most of Living With a Roommate

Sharing an apartment with a roommate can be an adventure that's full of excitement, learning, and growth. At Traverse Green Apartments, we know that finding the right roommate can be scary, but once you do, it can make your living experience so much better. Imagine having someone to share your daily experiences with, who can challenge you, and who can become a lifelong friend. Our luxurious apartments, located near St. Peter, MN, offer the perfect opportunity to find a roommate and enjoy all the benefits that come with sharing a living space. Here’s how you can make the most of it all!

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Roommates taking a break during a workout

Enjoy Community Living

Spending time with others should be fun! Sharing an apartment with a roommate is an excellent opportunity to bond and create a sense of community. At Traverse Green, we have community amenities such as a fitness center, outdoor dining space, and dog park. Enjoy a workout together, host a dinner party, or plan a doggy play date.

Roommates talking while sitting by each other

Communication is Key

To make your living experience comfortable, communication is essential. Sit down with your roommate and discuss expectations, boundaries, and schedules. This way, you both know what to expect from each other and can avoid misunderstandings.

A girl in her apartment enjoying some time to herself

Respect Each Other's Space

It's essential to work with your roommate and establish boundaries that work for both of you. We encourage our residents to be mindful of their roommates' need for privacy and personal space, whether it's respecting quiet hours or designating specific areas for personal belongings. By setting boundaries and respecting each other's space, you can create a harmonious living environment that's enjoyable for everyone.

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roommates getting ready to clean together

Divide & Conquer

No one likes doing chores, but they have to be done. To avoid any resentment or arguments, split the household chores with your roommate. This way, both of you will contribute equally to keeping the apartment clean and tidy.

If you're looking for a roommate, we have some of the best apartment complexes with openings, and we offer tours of our available apartments in St. Peter, MN. Come explore our floor plans and find your perfect roommate today!

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