Things To Consider When Apartment Hunting

Looking for a new apartment can be stressful and overwhelming. Many apartments won’t meet your list of requirements, and it can feel like a never-ending cycle of bad apartment listings. Traverse Green Apartments want to help you find the perfect apartment in St. Peter, Minnesota, which means considering several things that can be dealbreakers when deciding on an apartment.


Floor Plan & Size

Understanding the different floor plans and sizes of an apartment will help you tremendously when making your decision. Checking the floor plan will give you accurate information about dimensions, storage, and square footage. This can determine how much space you need for furniture, beds, and other home items. Traverse Green Apartments have two different types of floor plans, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Each one being more spacious than the other!

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Location is vital in deciding whether you can truly live comfortably in a specific apartment complex. Before signing any lease, walk around the apartment complex. Do you feel safe in this community? Have you checked the area’s safety records? St. Peter Apartments encourages anyone considering living in one of our buildings to spend time around the area and see if the location best suits your needs.



Focusing on amenities will help make your decision easier. The best apartment complexes will be straightforward with you on what they offer each renter. Traverse Green Apartments offers luxury amenities, from fitness centers to workspaces and dog parks; we try to meet everyone's needs.

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Sleeping dog


If you have a pet and are looking for an apartment to accommodate you and your furry friend, ask the manager about the down payment for a pet. You want to make sure you can afford both downpayments and understand the rules of having a pet in the apartment. Our apartments welcome pets and encourage you to use our several pet-friendly amenities!

Apartment hunting can be exciting and overwhelming. Don’t get caught in unnecessary add-ons. Consider the fundamental aspects that will help you feel comfortable in your new apartment. Traverse Green Apartments, offers spacious floor plans, , packed with luxury amenities and pet-friendly spaces all in an amazing location. Contact us today to look at floor plans!

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