What To Ask When Leasing an Apartment

When you decide to lease an apartment, it is crucial that you ask the right questions to ensure you find the right fit for you. Whether you are a frequent or first-time renter, Traverse Green Apartments is ready to help you. Traverse Green Apartments has provided these four core questions to ask your leasing agent before you sign any lease. Traverse Green Apartments is your dream luxury apartment complex centrally located in St. Peter, Minnesota. When you are looking for your dream apartment, contact Traverse Green Apartments to see what units we have available!

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Clarify Rent, Utilities, and Deposit Expectations

The first and most important question to ask any leasing agent is what you are expected to pay for your own deposit. Most facilities will ask for the first and last months' rent, just to ensure you are a reliable tenant. The other important question is the rent expectation and the average utilities rate. Set yourself up for success and know what financial responsibilities are expected of you before you sign a lease.

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What is the Lease Duration?

Before you sign any lease, you must know what the duration of the lease will be. Most leases are year-long, but if you are looking to renew after your original lease is up, it coil be helpful to know if there is month-to-month leasing available. Ask your leasing agent about the lease duration for your contract to ensure you are fully prepared.

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What Payment Methods are Accepted?

When you are thinking about paying your rent, every apartment complex is different. Some require checks, while others require direct deposits from your personal banking account. It is also possible that your complex may also allow credit card payments with an additional fee. So, before you sign your lease, ensure that you are aware of the payment methods needed to make your rent payment.

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What are Your Guest and Pet Policies?

Knowing what your apartment complex policy is for having guests and pets over. Every complex is different, so make sure you know what the expectations are when it comes to having guests over. Pet policies also differ from complex to complex, so even if you don't have a pet when you move, it could be important to know your options just in case you choose to get a furry friend during your lease!

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