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What to Know Before Moving Into an Apartment

Now that you’ve found a new apartment and you’ve signed your rental lease, your next step is simply to move in! In today’s blog from Traverse Green, we have a few things to keep in mind as you get ready for your move.

Get In Touch With Your New Landlord

Your move should begin with you getting in touch with your new landlord. Together you can work out the details of your move, including your move-in date, when you’ll get your keys, and how you can pay your first month of rent. In some cases, you may receive a checklist of things they need you to do before moving in. Your landlord will also inform you of any policies regarding your move — such as parking areas, how to get your big furniture into the house, and other things. Needless to say, speaking with your new landlord will help answer a lot of questions you are likely to have on your mind regarding your move.

Change Your Address

Now that you are living elsewhere, it’s important to change your address with all of the important places, beginning with the USPS. Your mail will still be sent to your old address if you forget to take this step. You also need to update your bank, credit card company, and any subscriptions you might have. Of course, you should also inform your friends and family about your recent or upcoming move.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood

We’ll assume you’ve done some basic research about your new neighborhood as you were apartment- or house-hunting. Now that the deal is done, you may need to do a little more exploring in order to get familiar with the neighborhood. Look for the nearest grocery store, your favorite restaurants and bars, as well as the most convenient transportation network for starters.

Set Up Your Utilities

Some of the utilities in your new apartment will be your responsibility. Those that you need to take care of and those which you don’t should be outlined in your lease. In most cases, setting up electricity, gas, cable subscription, and internet will be your responsibility. If this is the case, you have to work on setting them up. It’ll be great if you can get this done all at once.

Schedule a Tour of Traverse Green Today

Planning a move is a lot of work. There are so many little things you are likely to miss and this can make the transition to your new space a bit difficult. Taking your time to plan your move and asking questions along the way will make the entire transition much easier. At Traverse Green Apartments in St. Peter, we’re here to help make your move to our luxury apartments a breeze. Stop in and see us at the leasing office or call to schedule a tour today!